Advice on classic cars and modern classics

We are happy to help you at any time

Hans is our master when it comes to advising on modern classics.

In more than twenty years of experience in restoring modern classics he has seen many things on the hydraulic lifts. He knows nearly everything about the weak spots and features of the different car brands and types – a great advantage for you! Without Hans, Classic Lounge wouldn’t exist. With our company, advising you on modern classics is a matter for the boss – Hans tends to your wishes in person. Giving you the best and comprehensive advice is a matter close to his heart.

With the help of the right questions, you and Hans will quickly find good answers:
What do you place importance on? Is there a particular colour or any features you wouldn’t like to miss? When you have answered these questions, you will get to the more difficult part: Finding the very modern classic you want in good condition. Hans will go and see the desired car together with you or on your behalf and put it under the microscope for you.

Further details about the exact procedure and consultation examples can be found on Hans finds your Dream Car.

Do you want a very specific model?

We’ll speak bluntly if we cannot share your enthusiasm for it and tell you why

If someone comes to us with a very specific picture of the modern classic they are looking for in mind – quite often they have heard from an acquaintance about how good we are at finding the desired car – it is quite an easy job for us. However, their wishes are not always realistic. In these cases, we need our persuasiveness before we can go and get the car our customer wants. We know all about the features of the specific vehicles – this means that our customers are on the safe side with us. Together with you we will speak about what classic cars come into question, focusing on the various types of models. We especially pay attention to solid processing and informing you of typical problems you might face with this model.