Hans is finding the dream car

Where should the journey go?
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Before you can find something you have to know what you’re looking for! It’s the same with a classic car. Perhaps you know that you want to drive a nice classic car – but which style, which model and brand is still to be decided. No problem! Don`t hesitate to come by to find a first direction by taking a look at our exhibited customer and sales vehicles. Should it be a sporty sedan or rather a racing car? What colours can you imagine? Is there anything that you don’t want? You will be amazed that it is not so difficult to see yourself in a certain type of classic car.

We’re happy to welcome you into our showroom during our opening hours. If you want to have a conversation with Hans on your first visit, we advise you to call us or use our contact form to see if he’ll be there when you’re coming by.

Ogling and making a decision – a big difference!

Now that you know which model you’re looking for you’re going on the hunt. You should check different online forums to see which classic cars are for sale and which would be an option for you. Take your time – good things come to those who wait! You can show Hans all vintage cars that are an option for you, either through e Mail or in person at our office. Now it’s Hans‘ turn and you can lean back.

Hans will review the listing in detail, every photo will be examined carefully. Is there lots of rust? Are the typical spots of this model documented on the photos? Are important parts missing we’ll make an inquiry with the owner. Or you can do it yourself – just as you’d like. These photos give Hans a first impression of the car and he can advice against it if necessary – or the classic car you picked continues to be an option.

But the optical condition of a classic car is not everything. Hans is also examining the written description of the vehicle – is it informative and plausible? Which vehicle documents are still available? Are there any inconsistencies? And last but not least: Is the price reasonable? If the offer still proves itself to be interesting after all these checks Hans will discuss all remaining questions with the dealer through a phone call or by e Mail.

Our expert advice ensures that you won't be disappointed later

The first important steps have been taken. Now it’s time for you to decide if you want Hans to take a personal look at the classic car or if you want to continue looking for something different. After your agreement Hans will make the journey to your dream classic car, either by himself or together with you. On site he’ll inspect the vehicle very carefully – not all defects can be ruled out of course. Though, severe defects can be ruled out through a detailed examination of mechanic and electric systems. Of course, you’ll be able to go on a test drive, if it’s possible.

It’s part of the vehicle check that all inserted documents of the classic car are actually available and also authentic.

After this detailed inspection you and Hans can discuss if it’s worth it to buy this particular classic car. You’ll discuss any possible defects and Hans will explain which steps are necessary in order to repair the vehicle and what costs can be expected.

Therefore you can demand a discount in order to uphold the cost-benefit-ratio. Should you be uncomfortable with price negotiations it’s possible for Hans to take over. This way or another, he’ll support you with his expertise – that way he’s able to review his discovered defects to the seller.

Hans can gladly advice you when you’re signing the contract of sale.

Purchased a classic car – what happens now?

Take a deep breath and look back! Can you still remember your first visit with us, your first research online? Can you remember how excited and unsure you were? And now it’s done! You’re the proud owner of your dream classic car! Done? Well, almost. Often enough dream classic cars are located on the other side of the country or even abroad. We`re happy to take care of the Transport.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Depending on the condition of your classic car and your wishes we can have the car being transported to your house or our workshop. If you’re interested, we’ll professionally restore your dream classic car with expertise and passion. We’d also be happy to take care of registration, VIN marks for historical cars as well as necessary documents and DEKRA. You can learn more under Service & Extras.

Even after you take over your classic car from us, we’d like to be a competent partner for you and your vehicle. We’re happy to welcome you and your dream car in our workshop any time – for inspection and maintenance

Advice is good – but what about additional costs?

Professional help and advice for your classic car sale will cost you some money.

You should not underestimate eventual cost traps Hans‘ advice will spare you: an unreasonably high price, extremely high costs for overhaul, costs for reacquisition of important documents needed for registration in Germany, high transport costs or worst case – legal expenses due to a bad buy.

Of Course, the first phone call or talk at our office is non-committal and free of costs. Analysing sales announcements, contact with the seller costs 80€ net per hour billed on the clock. If you want Hans to go and check your dream classic car here in Germany or abroad a fixed rate of 800€ net per day is billed additionally to travel expenses.