Modern Classic restoration

A real alternative
Mercedes Benz 123
Mercedes Benz 123

We also welcome cars warmly to our hall if they are between 20 and 30 years old – so-called modern classics. Especially for our younger customers this branch is a good way of approaching the exclusive world of auto mobile history. Moreover, what you consider to be a classic car strongly depends on you. Often, it is your childhood memories – the chic Mercedes Benz W111 Coupé of your grandparents for instance which is something really special for you and which you are longing to drive yourself. With modern classics it often happens that they are perfectly well-kept first-hand vehicles, which have always been well looked after and which are in good or very good condition.

But also cult cars like the Opel Manta B – famous through the movie ‘Manta Manta’ – or the Mercedes Benz 123 T as well as the Mercedes Benz R 107 SL, which appears in the series ‘Hart aber Herzlich!’, are popular youngtimers. You shouldn’t forget that time is running – for today’s modern classics will be tomorrow’s classic cars – including a nice increase in value.

Modern classics have a special status with insurance companies, although they do not have a historic registration number. Despite their rarity and the existence of circles of modern classic lovers, you can have your youngtimer insured at a cheap rate. We will be happy to help you with that.

Mercedes Benz R 107 SL

The advantage of modern classics is obvious – A full restoration is not necessary in most cases

Porsche 928
Porsche 928

When you come to us with your modern classic – no matter whether with one of the models mentioned above, a Porsche 928 GTS or a Corvette C6 – we inspect your car very carefully. We do the same thorough examination as with a classic car. This means that we check the brakes, lighting system, electronics, the engine and the injection system, the chassis and the condition of the body framework, the interior fittings as well as the seals really meticulously.

After we got an idea of the current state of your modern classic, we will discuss with you the necessary steps which must be taken to ensure that the vehicle stays in the same good condition and to reach an increase in value for your car. One advantage of modern classics: Often, a complete restoration is not necessary. This means that the maintenance of a modern classics is nowhere near as expensive as the upkeep of its older comrades.

But it can also happen that, after the inspection of your modern classic, we tell you that the steps are too costly and that the restoration would therefore be uneconomic. But this does not mean that your dream of a modern classic is over, as we normally have a wide selection you can choose from.

It is your choice: Sell your modern classic and reinvest some money to get a better car. Or are you so passionate about this particular car that you would like to have it restored anyway? No matter how you decide: We are your competent partner, not only in our garage, but also when you need advice on modern classics.

Modern classics – The affordable ‘Classic car’

Generally, the maintenance of modern classics is easier. In contrast to classic cars, it is relatively easy to get hold of spare parts, so that the procurement costs are within reasonable limits.
From experience, we know that often only small or medium repairs are necessary with modern classics. The biggest advantage for you: When we repair your modern classic, there is only a short waiting time and you can enjoy your driving pleasure to the full quite soon again.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Most repairs concerning modern classics are attributable to rust, so that smaller body framework repairs may be necessary. But the weak spots are brand specific, and also the technical components differ greatly from brand to brand or even from model to model. Therefore, it’s hard to say what kinds of flaws are typical of modern classics.

Because of this it is very important that you give us the time to carefully check your modern classic for potential weak spots. This is the only way we can guarantee a thorough examination which satisfies you as well as us and serves as a precise basis for high-quality work on your modern classic.

Our promise to you:

The repair of your modern classic is subjected to the same strict quality requirements as the repair of a classic car!

Of course, we also offer you a full restoration for your modern classic – especially with individual items or very special models like a Mercedes Benz 190 E 2,5 16V Evo, this is the only way that really makes you happy. Owing to their rarity you can only find spare parts or repair manuals with great effort or not at all. That is why these modern classics need a particular technical know-how and clever minds: We and our partners are experts which bring precisely these qualities. You can expect the highest quality demands with all our workings.

Just as with classic cars, there is a whole range of services which we offer to you to restore your modern classic: a complete reconditioning of the bodywork, an overhaul of engine and gear, the repair of measurement instruments, a complete renovation of the brake system, the replacement of seals, welts and gums, comprehensive upholstery work including the repair of the top and a complete repainting. Further information about all our restoration works and procedures that we offer you for the restoration of your modern classic you can find on Classic car restoration.