Classic car restoration

A full restoration with Classic Lounge – The good feeling to know a dream comes true
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

There it is – in your garage or your yard – the classic car you want to have restored. We will explain to you which improvements are useful and uncompromisingly offer excellent services for your money. Contact us and let’s get into conversation. We will be able to find out what your expectations are and you will get a clearer picture of our services.

We share your enthusiasm for classic cars

The aim of a classic car restoration: The car must look stunning and perform nicely – without any delay when starting the engine and without any unpleasant noises. When others praise you for your classic car you know you made the right decision.

A full restoration – What is the procedure with Classic Lounge?

The first step:
The assessment of the car

Firstly, we discuss what you want to reach. Next, we will have a look at your car – this will take place in our garage on the hydraulic lift, because it is in your own and our interest that we can give you reliable figures when you ask us what the restoration of your classic car will cost. Here it doesn’t matter which model it is – the crucial thing is the condition and the material, no matter whether it is a Mercedes Pagode, a Porsche 911, an E-Type Jaguar or a Ford Mustang.

We’ll tell you openly what we will charge and won’t keep from you the fact that a full restoration needs time and cannot be done in only a few weeks. But that’s not all – in some cases we even have to come to the bitter conclusion that a restoration of the car we are examining is not economically viable. But there are customers who ask us to restore their cars even in these cases because they have a strong emotional attachment to their classic car, and economic aspects take a back seat.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Taking stock of your classic car – we carefully check what needs to be done

You leave your car with us for a few days and we examine the car meticulously –
bodywork, engine, paint; from the technical condition to the interior. We will first make
a rough calculation as a basis for your decision, listening to the voices of our experts, from our body maker to our upholsterer, always keeping in mind our preliminary talk.
We stick to the line we agreed upon because we want to acknowledge your trust in us. If your classic car has a good restoration basis and no rust, we possibly can leave out the sheet metal working.

Back to the bones – We take the vehicle apart completely

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Your order, our job – after we have received your order for a full restoration and determined the scope of work, we take your classic car apart completely.

Anything which is not sheet will be removed – interior, engine, gears. Step by step we go deeper until we reach the axles. At the end of this process only the body will be left, with a meticulously documented accumulation of the separate components at its side. Now we know exactly which components can be used again and which must be replaced as we carefully check every single part. Are the instruments in good condition, does the speedometer work reliably, etc. We make sure that every part is well-functioning. The result is an accurate list of the parts that need to be replaced or repaired, from the exhaust pipe to the spark plugs.

‘’This sheet is dissolving!’’ – Not quite correct, but the paint will have to go, completely

Having taken apart the bodywork, we transport the body framework to the paint removal company. There, a chemical varnish removal is carried out using various beam processes and various substances. What we get back is the bare sheet. Now we conclusively see which work steps need to be done for the bodywork.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Wir entscheiden, welche Blechteile wiederverwendet werden können. Für alle Teile, die ersetzt werden müssen, gehen wir auf Ersatzteilsuche. Bei unserer Suche konzentrieren wir uns darauf möglichst Originalteile zu beschaffen. Hier ist immer wieder erheblicher Aufwand erforderlich, die passenden Teile zu besorgen. Die Lage auf dem Ersatzteilmarkt ändert sich ständig – hier ist stets unsere Hartnäckigkeit gefragt und unsere exzellente Marktkenntnis, um die benötigten Teile zu besorgen.

No compromises on the bodywork – Tinning instead of filling

We pay attention to every detail. We can restore the body work optically by filling small irregularities, but for us compromises don’t come into question. Welding, tinning and working manually, that is the right way.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Ensure perfection, because retouching afterward is no option

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Before painting we put together the bodywork completely. We make sure that the gap sizes are correct and the molding and headlamps fit nicely. Once we are sure that all the parts fit perfectly, we send the bodywork to be painted. Why? That’s simple: Once the bodywork has been painted, it cannot be corrected without being damaged. That’s why we attribute great importance to this step.

For us it means good style to restore a classic car as true to the original as possible

With the help of the chassis number as well as the production data we are able to precisely determine the original equipment of a classic car: from the paint colour, the engine or the colour of the soft top to the interior fittings. If we don’t get any specific instructions from our customers, we orientate ourselves towards the original and restore the classic car as true to the original as possible.

Our philosophy: to integrate our customer into every phase of the restoration

A classic car is something special – for each of our customers. Therefore many of them like to know the present state of things and glance at our working progress. We always welcome this curiosity and the interest and enable our customers to follow the restoration of their vehicle live, from the bodywork or the selection of seat leather by the upholsterer to the completion of the classic car.

We think of our customers as partners and always let them glance at our working process

You will see – personal conversation matters to us. During a restoration we constantly keep in touch with our customers and also like to do this quite informally over a beer or two, talking about the current state of things. When having your classic car restored with Classic Lounge, you are involved right from the start and can always have a look at your vehicle.
We want you to know you can trust us, that’s why we will give you an insight into our services at any time and enjoy explaining to you where we are at the moment.
Should you not be able to follow the restoration personally, we will send you pictures describing the present state of things. Of course you will receive a complete documentation after we finished the restoration if you wish it.

How long does a restoration take? Several months are realistic

A full restoration cannot be done within a few weeks. If someone says otherwise he will not be able to offer the same quality as we do. The restoration of a car with Classic Lounge involves a lot of work and cannot be done in only a few weeks. Telling you exactly how much time a restoration will take is difficult, because getting hold of classic parts is always accompanied by surprises. Sometimes the search for classic parts takes a lot of time and involves great logistic efforts.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

In regular team meetings we discuss the state of restoration to make sure the project isn’t halted. This is in our own interest, because we want to use our team and our garage efficiently as we normally work on five vehicles at the same time. The restoration of a bodywork alone can last several months.

Richtig oder gar nicht – exzellentes Handwerk ohne Abstriche

We do it properly or not at all – Excellent craftsmanship without compromise: We want to be the best at classic car restorations

On average, we put about 1,000 working hours into the restoration of a classic car. This fact alone shows that we do our work properly. Our customers agree with us. They want to have a carefully restored car – When they tell us that they were asked who did this excellent bit of work we know our philosophy is the right one.

Know-how in the garage and at the inquiry:

Not even we can do everything on our own, but we know the specialists we need

In recent years an industry with productive suppliers has developed for classic cars. Firms like Bosch often have their own classic departments and often reproduce classic parts – which is quite useful for us, because we gladly fall back on suppliers who offer excellent technical quality.

Frequently we deal with special requirements we need to call in an expert for: Is there somebody who still makes the desired special carpet for the interior at all? Who makes the chrome-plated molding – true to the original and exactly as we need them? Where do we get a fitting speedometer matching Whitewall tires? A complete restoration is a logistic challenge which we master with our network of specialists and a meticulous planning stage. The delivery of classic parts and the restoration process must be coordinated well so that we can work smoothly.

For our partners it is not only a welcome change to produce special parts for us – give them the chance to show what they’ve got! Good tradesmen are inspired by our enthusiasm for cars.

We even find freaks who solder old control elements, etch boards or fit control units in original cases. Such specialists we do not only find in Germany, but also in the whole of Europe and in the US.

Trust is good – control is better

Our partners have plenty of work at our projects: A body framework sometimes has to stay with the painter for four weeks until all the sheets are sealed up according to factory regulations, or the under body protection is applied. That painters do their job meticulously is not only a matter of confidence, but also a result of merciless quality control. Our employees are always on the spot in person to check on the work progress. Our partners know that we are perfectionists and fulfil our expectations. Otherwise they wouldn’t be our partners.

ew paint must be perfect

What is the first thing classic car lovers pay attention to when they spot a dream car? The paint. After the painting each layer of paint must dry for one week so that it can cure properly. One tiny mistake would lead to irregularities – and these would be visible in strong sunlight. The chosen colour is based on original colour samples and colour numbers. Naturally, we can also fulfil individual colour requests.

We know how to do it right – And our customers experience that

We are pleased about the aha-experiences of our customers when they come to our garage. A classic car has been standing around for years, neglected, and not been maintained very well – a restoration with Classic Lounge will make you forget all of it.

Classic car restoration with Classic Lounge: Comprehensive. Good.

Other things belonging to a classic car restoration with Classic Lounge are:

  • The technical reconditioning of axles, engines and gear unit
  • The automotive electrics
  • The restoration of mechanical functions (e.g. door and folding top mechanisms)
  • The adjustment and overhaul of the fuel injection system or carburettor
  • The reconditioning of the entire interior fittings, including upholstery