Maintenance & Care

Classic Lounge makes dreams come true

Although all classic car owners drive their own individual dream car, they all have one desire in common: They want to keep their classic car in top condition as long as possible without having to forgo the pleasure of driving it. Please let us reassure you: We will help you fulfil this desire!

We offer you the necessary team of professionals for your classic car – also with respect to maintenance

You may have tried it already: You wanted to take your classic car to the respective brand repair shop for maintenance but were turned away with a shake of the head.
Classic cars which used to be repaired mandatorily in the respective repair shop are complicated special cases today for which most branches do not have the necessary professional staff any more. In short: For the check-up, a classic car needs specialized insiders as we are.

Each classic car has its own character which means there are always specific features which need to be considered for the maintenance. Today, brand garages can no longer fall back on individual maintenance manuals or they are completely unfamiliar. Often, they also shy away from the work involved in making inquiries, or they do not have experienced employees who know what matters with classic cars: appropriate literature, specialist tools and experience with classic cars.

That is different with us: Through investigation and meticulous research on classic car markets we have managed to get our hands on maintenance manuals and plans and retrieve long forgotten special tools. This way we gained a great enrichment for us over the last 15 years: the perfect basis to service your classic car professionally, reliably and down to the last detail.

We will only start if we know how things are looking for your classic car!

In plain language, this means: If we haven’t seen and inspected your classic car in our garage, we cannot assess the extent of the maintenance or repair work. We do not have any package deals, because every classic car – just as a modern classic – has its own history and needs an individually tailored care. The extent of expenditure and time needed to whip your classic car into shape depend on the actual state and wear of your vehicle.

After we have examined your classic car properly, we will make a customised servicing plan and an estimate, which we will explain to you in detail. If you give us the green light, we will start.

What does maintenance with Classic Lounge involve?


Maintenance – this does not only means making an oil change and looking after the V-belt. We inspect your classic car properly. Safety is our priority, that is why we start with the tyres, the chassis and the brakes of your classic car or modern classic. We also test and adjust the lighting system for a clear view on your evening trips.


Secondly, we want to minimize the wear and prolong your driving pleasure: all the liquids are controlled, and changed or refilled if necessary. Naturally we stick to the individual change intervals according to factory settings. We will also examine the condition of the bodywork of your classic car, apply a necessary cavity sealing as well as rust protection. All filters will be changed and all window and door seals. If necessary, we will replace them.

Elektronik und Elektrik

Your classic car may be old, but there will be some electrics. With modern classics, more and more space is needed for electronics and electrics. Therefore, one thing is quite clear: We check all electronic and electric instruments and repair them if necessary.


For us the maintenance of a classic car or modern classic does not only consist of the technical upkeep. We also examine the interior, because for us, your driving pleasure already starts with the fact that you feel comfortable in your seats, like winding down the window or enjoy looking at the fittings of your classic car. Therefore, we check on the condition of the leather and apply grease expertly, inspect the window lifters or cranks and investigate the fittings for functionality and accuracy.

Auf Herz und Nieren prüfen

Last but not least: Your classic car should work perfectly! Therefore, it is our duty to readjust the ignition and injection systems and the carburettor, or maybe adjust correctly for the first time! Gear and engine will be put to the acid test in accordance with factory regulations and necessary adjustments we will perform conscientiously.
We even go one step further and examine the exhaust system of your classic car carefully.

Wir melden uns bei weiteren Mängeln

Should we, in addition to that, spot any other defects on your classic car during our maintenance work, for instance on components or the electrics, we will immediately contact you. You will receive a phone call or be informed about the damage and the steps which are necessary to put your classic car right during a personal meeting in our garage. Only after a detailed explanation and your consent we will begin with the repair work.
Of course, our maintenance work will be documented as well if you wish it. Both during the work and after finishing the vehicle check we will gladly provide you with our photo documentation.

Trust is good – control is better

To ensure that all our servicing meets our expectations, we will go for an extensive test drive with your car. Here, we examine your ‘new’ classic car for a last time and do some touching-up if necessary.

Then the moment has come: You can collect your ‘new’ classic car at our place and enjoy still greater driving pleasure.

You would like some gloss?

Taking care of your classic car does not only involve technical treatment, but also surface finish. It therefore is a particularly great pleasure for us to service and polish the rims of your vintage car or modern classic, to service the paint, re-grease the leather or to spoil the interior and exterior of your car with hand polishing.

We bet on high quality maintenance products and use, for instance, Swiss Oil, Canuba polish as well as various excellent leather care products. To guarantee that these special cleaning agents and care products have an optimum effect we exclusively clean the interior and exterior of your classic car gently by hand.

And what is more: In order to take care of your historic vehicle comprehensively, we also fix smaller paint and leather defects.
No question about it – each classic car deserves to shine and be maintained with great care. In addition, you also increase the value of your treasure – and we bet that your ‘new’ car you will also give you’re a lot more fun of driving!?

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

The Alpha and Omega of preserving your classic car

Through an always professional control and a thoughtful treatment of your car we can prevent consequential damages, the treatment of which is not only almost always time-consuming and expensive, but also wastes the valuable original substance of your classic car.
Our optimal support is an essential part of preserving the state and value of your classic car. Therefore, we would like to entrust the maintenance to your care.

For a personal consultation contact us rather sooner than later!

Classic car garage

We are the garage for your classic car – for customers from the area of Leipzig we are the top address for the annual inspection of your vintage car, necessary repairs or a specific restoration.

Especially if there is the danger of losing the joy in driving your precious piece because it is no longer functioning properly, we are there to help you.
Occasionally we need to do some detective work to find the particular cause, as the cars we deal with aren’t cars you can simply connect to a diagnostic device and wait for the answer.

Expert knowledge and answers to questions like ‘How does it work and why?’ are in demand. Here, we fall back on original repair handbooks in our archive.

‘Your car is ancient, that’s just the way it is, just accept it’ – if we hear this sentence we can only shake our heads. Classic cars used to be basic commodities which simply took their owners from one place to the next – without constant failures and disturbances. Such defects can mostly be attributed to faulty parts or the wrong maintenance. If your classic car won’t start, we will find the problem and make sure the engine start when you turn the key in the ignition the first time. This way you can enjoy the feeling of driving a piece of car history. Together, we will ensure that this piece of history stays alive.