Dreams come true

Where should the journey go?

This customer story was a real pleasure! In September 2015 Mr. T came to our office to ask Hans for help in finding his dream car. He did not have any concrete ideas yet, but he already knew that it was supposed to be a Porsche 912. The vehicle should be in a good condition at the time of purchase. Together with Hans, he discussed the further course of action: Mr T. was given homework: to look at advertisements at appropriate car exchanges and to forwarded the interesting ones to Hans.

Mr. T did his homework and was very motivated – on his way to his own Porsche 912.

Ogling and making a decision – two pairs of shoes

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

It didn’t take long – maybe two days and the first excited e Mails came in: „These are the vehicles we picked. What are your thoughts on them? We’re excited for your feedback!“

Now it was Hans‘ turn to check and review the details & specifics. Some didn’t even pass the first test since the photos already made it obvious that a lot of work was going to be needed.

Hans and Mr. T discussed pros and cons of the remaining three Porsche 912 in great detail. What are the main advantages, and what are the disadvantages? Mr. T chose a beautiful beige Porsche 912, which was located in Brest (France). Hans clarified the last questions in advance with the dealer in France and agreed on a date to visit. Only two weeks after the first visit with us the desired classic car seemed to be a very good candidate!

Our expert control prevents your disappointment

So Hans travelled to Brest – though without Mr. T on to the plane and here we go! The Porsche 912 proved itself to be a good deal after a thorough inspection. Even the test drive let his heart race. Since both, the old and the current vehicle documentation were still available, Hans made a decision: If there is a Porsche 912 for Mr. T, then it’s this one!

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Now it was time to call Mr. T to describe the state of the Porsche 912 as detailed as possible and also to provide in detail the necessary work and the associated costs.

Mr. T was convinced – this was going to be his Porsche 912! After this decision Hans discussed the price and closed the deal in the name of Mr. T. All preparations for the transfer were made. The Porsche was almost home already!

Bought a classic car – what now?

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

We arranged the transfer of the Porsche 912 to Germany – directly into our workshop. Even if the Porsche 912 was already in good condition, some minor work had to be done. Mr. T wanted to his Porsche to be in the best possible condition without destroying the original features. Thus, we replaced wearing parts such as brake linings and seals, as well as suspension bushings. Since the Porsche 912 originally came from hot Texas, we also overhauled the carburetors and carried out all the necessary technical modifications in order for the car to be road approved . After all this was done, we provided the necessary technical data sheets for DEKRA acceptance and approval.

After the winter it was finally time in April 2016 and Mr. T could happily pick up his Porsche 912, which had been registered by now.

The best part in the end: We were with Mr. T when he achieved his goal – his own classic car – and not just any car, but his Porsche 912, which had been long desired.

Advice is good – but what about additional costs?

„Of course, the consultation costs money – and that’s fine! I am very grateful for a competent personal advice on the way to my dream car. Every cent is well spent – I feel in good hands here at Classic Lounge! „

Only one thing remains to be said: Thank you for your commission – we gladly did it with dedication!