More than just a vintage car Dealer

Know-How of an own workshop
Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Guaranteed fun: As a classic car dealer AND classic car workshop, we offer vehicles that are in excellent condition visually as well as technically. Turn the ignition key around and start driving – vintage cars from Classic Lounge are worth your money because everything fits.

Usually we have about 10 to 12 cars to choose from constantly. Good for a first impression of how a good car should look like from our point of view – or „to take it with you immediately“.

Every vintage car we put up for sale has gone through our workshop. If we buy a classic car, then in most cases restoration work is needed, even if a vehicle leaves a striking impression at first sight.

Our strength: In our workshop [link zu Werkstatt], we take care of the restoration and the necessary repairs – and we’re set on uncompromising quality. We also like to receive special requests. For example, the seats should be upholstered before the purchase and afterwards be re-covered with the original leather – our partner upholsterer will do this expertly and just as required.

A technically perfect and optically high-quality classic car has its price

Vintage cars at Classic Lounge are not cheap, but worth their price. Classic cars, for whom their previous owners demand too high prices, are not considered by us. We offer vehicles whose excellent condition can be proved at any time.

Customers who are interested in one of our classic cars are welcome to look at our workshop to see how we work. For those who have experienced our work live, it’s obvious with how much passion we work on the vehicles – down to the smallest detail – and they’ll understand what makes a well-restored vintage car.

A clear basis for a good decision: the appropriate evaluation of classic cars

Classic car lovers who want to sell their beloved car, we can only encourage you to contact us. We’ll take a look at the vehicle on the lifting platform and we’ll determine a reasonable price with our expertise.

Since we are convinced that only the best is good enough, there is also the possibility to have the vehicles inspected externally. In a value report from Classic-Data the condition of the vehicle is documented – this is important for all parties. For the seller, who wants to receive a fair offer, for the buyer, who wants to see in which condition we have taken over the vehicle, and for us to determine what we have to do with the classic car in order to be able to say with a clear conscience: This is a car from Classic Lounge from Leipzig.

Classic Lounge – We've made a name for ourselves and we want to keep it

In principle it is also possible that we take your Vintage car or Modern classic car into commission. For these vehicles, the same strict requirements apply in regards to the quality of the vehicle. The buyer can be sure: the car is worth the price! That is what we stand for with our good name.

Why buy a vintage car from Classic Lounge?

Because we can access vehicles that you would not be able to get without us

Even more than that, because passion combines: from the contacts to buyers and dealers, sometimes friendships, lasting contacts – and the possibility to access vehicles which would not be on the market without us. Perhaps you have the impression that your desired model is not available in the market – ask us: we’ll go on the hunt for you.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Classic cars, which are not to be found anywhere else, only at Classic Lounge

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Many of our regular customers have a classic car collection – this pool gives us access to vehicles that are not on the open market and which would never be found on the internet. On the other hand, we are often talking to a lot of people who are just waiting for the right opportunity to finally realize their dream. Then it’s our task to bring both parties together.

„Women and classic cars don't belong together.“ We see it differently

Still relatively few women are infected by the Classic car enthusiasm. We want to change this – and encourage women to get more involved in the classic car scene. Our female customers prove that it is possible. If women happen to prefer other models than men, we’re happy, because our mechanics love change.

Classic Lounge Leipzig – Fascination for automobiles

Good service is part of this - from the transfer to registration

Our customers like it comfortably – good service is part of our philosophy: in the case of a Classic car purchase, we take care of the transport of the vehicle to the customer, the insurance, technical conversion of imported vehicles, procurement of documents and also registration. Turn the ignition key on and start driving – this makes classic cars fun!