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Classic Lounge makes dreams come true

Although all classic car owners drive their own individual dream car, they all have one desire in common: They want to keep their classic car in top condition as long as possible without having to forgo the pleasure of driving it. Please let us reassure you: We will help you fulfil this desire!


We offer you the necessary team of professionals for your classic car – also with respect to maintenance

You may have tried it already: You wanted to take your classic car to the respective brand repair shop for maintenance but were turned away with a shake of the head.
Classic cars which used to be repaired mandatorily in the respective repair shop are complicated special cases today for which most branches do not have the necessary professional staff any more. In short: For the check-up, a classic car needs specialized insiders as we are.


Each classic car has its own character which means there are always specific features which need to be considered for the maintenance. Today, brand garages can no longer fall back on individual maintenance manuals or they are completely unfamiliar. Often, they also shy away from the work involved in making inquiries, or they do not have experienced employees who know what matters with classic cars: appropriate literature, specialist tools and experience with classic cars.