Classic Lounge

Rock´n Roll at the CLassic Lounge

Once again summer came to an end and it was time to celebrate the last few rays of sun. Under this years motto Rock ’n‘ Roll we invited to the Classic-Lounge Summer party, to chat excitedly with our customers and friends, to swing into the evening and dance happily through the night. Glitter, Glamour and an original dance floor turned our shop into an exclusive dance hall of the 50s with original classic car workshop flair.


According to the motto, our guests were encouraged to dress appropriately. With success. Whether with tasteful petticoats, brushed Elvis pompadour or iconic tweed cap, the magnificent outfits contributed well to our night in a different time.


Right on time at 6pm we opened door and gate. The weather was gracious and gave us one of the last balmy nights. You could start the evening with home-made lemonade and all sorts of other refreshing drinks. For the physical well-being the  Fleischerei Materne provided a delicious home made American buffet. Whether home made burgers, juicy spareribs or colourful cup cakes, the offer was a real culinary delight.


The summer bash was musically framed with a successful selection of Rock ’n‘ roll classics that made for a stylish atmosphere. Later in the evening, the ladies and gentlemen on the dance floor were properly riled up and rocked well past midnight.


Anyone who wanted to take home a memory of this amusing evening,could try out the small Piaggio, the photo bus of Foto Rechtnitz, which was equipped with all sorts of accessories. Tons of fun for young and old!


As we were so successful last year in raising money to support the great clowns of Clownsnasen e.V., we once again encouraged our guests to donate a few Euro for the good cause this year.

With zest for life the funny fellows of Clownsnasen e. V. support the healing of seriously ill children and brighten up caregivers and senior citizen with humour and attention. And thanks to the generous dedication of our customers, friends and acquaintances, we were able to collect 700€ to hand over to Michael Bratschke from Clownsnasen e.V. We are glad to support the remarkable work of this association.


We would like to thank Anika for her great performance of „I read because I can“, Paul at for providing the technical equipment, Materne for a successful catering, the Bio-City team for providing the furniture, Enrico from Foto Rechtnitz for the exuberant fun in the photo bus and the fantastic DJ team. Many thanks also to our staff and helpers who made this event possible with their support and, of course, to all the guests who made this evening an unforgettable event.