Classic Lounge

On a Sunday in March…

Classic Cars & Coffee at Porsche Leipzig
// First Class Football //
// Magnus Walker at the  Classic Lounge //

On 18.03.2018 the presentation of the new book „Urban Outlaw: Dirt Don´t Slow You Down“  by Magnus Walker took place at Porsche as part of the Leipzig Book Fair. The format of the Class Cars & Coffee event, imported from the USA, is designed to give enthusiasts of rolling old iron the opportunity to exchange views on the fascination of historic vehicles over a freshly brewed coffee with like-minded people. Anyone travelling to the event with their own classic car could take the opportunity to go for a few exclusive laps on Porsche’s own circuit.

The lovely weather once again…

It was one of those rare weeks when the Leipzig lowland bay was hit by a snowstorm. And the snow mantle made no attempt to thaw due to the icy temperatures. Out of all weekends it was the one where the first Porsche Classic Cars & Coffee event was meant to take place. But we were not deterred by the icy weather conditions. The travel group Classic Lounge was in good spirits and excited about what awaited us at Porsche and whether the snow would keep us from driving on the racetrack.

A Beautiful Sunday Morning With Friends

Luckily, the snowstorm had subsided Sunday morning. The clouds had cleared, exposing a bright blue sky. Nevertheless, we had to make a slight change of plans. Due to the salted roads we could only take two of our cars to the Porsche racetrack. A Porsche 911 Carrera (964), year 1990 and the impressive limousine of Hans, a Mercedes Benz 280 S / 8, year 1970.

At the gas station a few minutes from the Porsche grounds we made a stop to meet up with a few of our classic car loving friends who came all the way from Magdeburg and Potsdam despite the snowy roads. A coffee and some fuel later, we were on the snow-covered highway in the direction of  Porsche Leipzig.

Coffee Break And Passionate Stories

At Porsche, we were able to enjoy the magnificent view of the snow-covered racing track with some more coffee and pretzels before Magnus Walker elated the  audience with his stories. The Porsche brand ambassador told stories from his eventful life, taking the audience into the world of his childhood dream becoming reality.

Fascination Speed

Afterwards, anyone who had travelled in their own classic car was allowed to take part in the guided driving event on the company’s own circuit. On the track, which was now cleared of snow, we were able to indulge in the driving pleasure and experience the feeling of motorsport up close. Amazing what angle of inclination such an old Mercedes can take in a curve.

Great atmosphere and top-class football

Thanks to an invitation from Porsche, we later found ourselves in the sky lounge of the football stadium along with Magnus Walker and a few other guests. Bundesliga. The atmosphere at a boiling point, we cheered for the Leipzig players, who were able to score the first points against Bayern Munich in the history of RB Leipzig. 2: 1 for Leipzig. What a day…

Hanging out with Magnus Walker

The wild-haired American by choice had heard of our workshop in the old swimming pool and asked whether it would be possible to stop by. Of course we could not refuse this request by the charming gentleman. Thus, we had the pleasure to show Magnus Walker  the Classic Lounge.

And as usual, everyone was astonished by the unique charm of our shop. The stylish ambience filled with a lot of historic vehicles makes hearts skip a beat on a regular basis. The short visit turned into two hours with some chilled beers and lots of fun at talking-shop and trying out cars.

We would like to thank the Porsche team and Magnus Walker for making this unforgettable day possible.