Our Workshop Manager is always around: from logistics to the final touch

After the first inspection of your classic car in our garage, Frank will make you a detailed offer and will be there for you while your classic car is brought back into shape by us. He’ll take care of the procurement of the right spare parts and at delivery he’ll explain in detail what has been repaired, renewed or restored by our team.

It’s the tinkering that lets his heart soar though. “It’s great when we’re able to keep the patina of a classic car while still realizing the customers wishes without limitations!” To putter around with cars has been part of his life since early childhood. The enthusiasm for the perfected technology and the stories that the vintage cars tell, still fascinate him again and again.

Frank never gets bored with us, because next to the daily office work, he is also hard at work in the workshop when it comes to repairing or overhauling mechanical parts. Additionally, Frank is able to look back at many years of experience as an automotive refurbisher, which makes him our maintenance specialist of your classic car.

And how is Frank spending his time when he’s not in the garage? „Laying around in the garden while dreaming of classic cars: 1957 Buick, 1967 Pontiac or a 1959 Plymouth, Ford Mustang, Jaguar E 1 Series …“Typically male! If there’s someone out there who wants to make one of Franks wishes come true, here’s a tip: „A Rolls Royce Phantom III would be a dream to have in our workshop! “

The question why he loves working with us doesn’t actually have to be asked, but there are other reasons besides dearly beloved classic cars. „Interesting customers and colleagues, a great working atmosphere and challenging tasks“ says the skilled mechanic. The vintage cars are just the cherry on top.