Porsche 911 Targa (EZ 1972)

Juni. 12 2019
Total Restoration with Upholstering #1 breathing new life into the Porsche 911 Targa – an extensive restoration is in order #2 the rough work: engine, transmission, headlights, indicators as well as axles have to be taken apart #3 the body mehr…

VW Beetle Convertible (Year of first registration 1962)

August. 22 2017
Restoration #1 The VW Beetle Convertible before its transformation in blue-silver. #2 The vehicle was completely disassembled and stripped of its paint. Faulty spots in the bodywork were re-tinned and ground. #3 The body of the VW Beetle Convertible is mehr…

Ford Mustang (EZ 1965)

März. 28 2017
Overhaul of Rear Axle and Engine #1 in order to overhaul the rear axle it has to be taken apart #2 Something you don't see very often: an empty rear axle #3 Damage diagnosis: bearing and seals are worn out mehr…

Ford F 100 Pick-Up (EZ 1956)

März. 28 2017
Rebuilding of Engine & Ignition System #1 rebuilding of engine on headers #2 rebuilding of carburettor to Holley 600 with adaption of jetting #3 Rebuilding of ignition system to a electronic MSD6AL ignition

Jaguar E-Type (EZ 1970)

März. 28 2017
Rebuilding the Transmission #1 the first report: the bottom edge of the door on the drivers side of the Jaguar E-Type is corroded. Is a partial replacement possible? #2 The door is being taken apart and it becomes obvious: the mehr…

Dodge Challenger (EZ 1972)

März. 28 2017
Restoration #1 the Dodge before we started – There's lots to do! #2 completely taking apart and soda blasting the vehicle – you can see the body work #3 the body repair begins – a major project: doors, hood with mehr…

Jaguar E-Type (EZ 1963)

März. 28 2017
Rebuilding the Transmission #1 removed old transmission because it was broken, new parts only available as customized parts – too costly; together with the client we decided to rebuild the transmission #2 new transmission had to be specifically adapted to mehr…